Fun in The Dark: A Guide to Successful Night Photography


In this new and updated edition of Fun in the Dark: A Guide to Successful Night Photography, Beth Ruggiero York will guide you through the latest techniques, equipment and software for all types of night photography as of late 2020.



The concepts for capturing night images are explained and illustrated. From landscapes with star trails or stars as points, and moonlit landscapes to creative light painting and more, you will learn how to plan and realize your creative vision for long exposures after dark. The key elements for post-processing night images are presented as well as software, so when you download your images, you will be confident knowing how to optimize and manipulate your photographs. Color correction, noise reduction, sharpening and other essential adjustments are discussed. Beth Ruggiero York delivers insights and inspiration that will help novices and advanced photographers alike in this guidebook that celebrates the beauty of taking pictures at night and having fun in the dark