Other teams called about Von Miller, but offered “nothing substantial”

Simms and I wondered aloud on PFT Live whether other NFC teams (like, say, the Packers) tried to get in on the Von Miller trade action, in order to keep him from joining the Teddy KGB Rams.

As it turns out, the Rams were the primary suitors for Miller.

Per a league source, the Broncos had other calls for Miller, but there was “nothing substantial” offered by any other team. Indeed, the talks with other teams never got very serious. The value proposed by other teams was “nowhere near as high” as the offer made by the Rams.

That’s no surprise. Other teams place far greater value in their draft picks than the Rams do. The Rams, at this point, view the picks merely as vehicles for getting established players.

It’s not a bad approach. Plenty of those lottery tickets become losers. Why not trade them in for winners?

Regardless, the Broncos could have gotten more for Miller if they had sparked a bidding war. The only problem is that the only team bidding was the Rams.